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Finland Academy of Afghanistan aims to support human rights and especially the right to education, to start teaching units in the corners of Afghanistan, in order to prevent the stagnation of the flow of thought in the Afghan society. Based on the experiences and calculations of our colleagues, setting up a teaching unit that can include 10 students costs 30 euros per month. This amount may not have much impact on your life, but it can provide grounds for hope for many. Therefore, you are invited to accompany us in this God-friendly and philanthropic matter.
Contact us for more details regarding payment method and transparency of the program.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. 


How to make a donation

1) You can donate as much as you can, there is no minimum or maximum for donating. 

2) Transfer money to our IBAN account. 

Account: FI58 5722 4120 2404 68

Receiver: Suomi – Afghanistan Akatemia AFA ry

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Thank you!